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Stroke Recovery

Different parts of the brain can be effected depending on the type of the stroke. The recovery from stroke is a lifelong process. I believe it is important to understand the resulting effects of stroke and how to cope with the required physical and emotional care and support. The post stroke problems can include cognitive deficit, long or short term memory loss, confusion, speech impairment, incontinency, weakness on one side of the body, mobility problems, and the general inability to carry on independent daily living activities.

The upheaval and frustration that comes along with the inability to perform basic functions of daily living can lead to fear, apprehension, and uncertainty that stroke survivors and their families face in its aftermath.

Our caregivers are trained to understand the common effects of stroke and to help with the physical needs and emotional support that is so crucial to the well being of the stroke survivor. We encourage and work with the family and therapists of your choice to promote the improvement of your loved one's health and positive outlook on life.

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