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Dementia / Alzheimer

Before embarking on the search of the home for a loved one let's talk briefly about Alzheimer's and Dementia. Both have similar symptoms and in many cases it is confusing to differentiate one from another. In very broad terms the Alzheimer's disease can strike a person as early as 45 while dementia is characterized by a gradual loss of important intellectual functions and is more typical in older person, usually (but not exclusively) after 70. In many cases the symptoms are similar , as in the MID type of dementia, which may include confusion, problems with short term memory, incontinence, behavioral changes, and disorientation among other symptoms.

I think it is important to correctly diagnose the condition in order to determine the best course of action in choosing appropriate care for the loved one in question. Unfortunately this terrible disease involves not only the affected person, but puts it's stamp of anguish and unhappiness on all near and dear. While making this difficult decision, when you can no longer provide the necessary level of care or safe environment, it is important to remember that you are doing the best that you can for your loved one. While you are grappling with the exasperation and the feelings of guilt, your loved one needs the proper care, attention, and plenty of visits from smiling relatives.

Finding the right place is just as important to the person in need of the placement as it is to the rest of the family and friends. It is essential to consider the safety of the environment, the quality of care, activities, and the ability of the staff to understand and communicate properly with your loved one. Our staff has a strong understanding of memory impaired residents. We pay attention to their eating habits and make sure they get what they like and need. We also believe that people need as much fresh air and mental stimulation as possible. Our residents enjoy trip to our local family park where they see familiar faces of friendly neighbors, say hello and watch the children play. And of course family and friends are always encouraged to visit.

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